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    Hydro Turbine

      The types of hydro turbines HEC produced include: Francis, Kaplan, Bulb, Pump-Storage, Pelton, Deriaz, and Huge Pump. The max dia of runner for Francis turbine is 10.44m, the max output of Francis turbine is 812MW and the max dia of runner for Kaplan turbine is 10.4m.
      The main types of valve for hydro turbine HEC produced include: ring gate, spherical valve and butterfly valve. The max dia of ring gate is 9.9m and the designing and producing technology reaches to an international advanced level.
      Company takes the exports of hydro and thermal power equipment as a breakthrough, based on its own technical advantages, cooperates with domestic and foreign first-class companies, references and uses the mature sales channels and models of Multi-National Corporation, and establishes interests community with them, expands the “way to go out ”. At the same time, follow the country’s “B&R” policy, the company established the marketing network stage by stage, actively expanded the international market, and established a wide range of global sales channels.