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      24-hour “private health care physician”


    HEC provides product technical consulting, installation and commissioning, maintenance, upgrading and rehabilitation, online monitoring, remote diagnosis and other services for domestic and foreign customers, throughout the full life cycle of product development, installation and operation. At present, the “Remote Consultation” 3.0 era has been launched. The independently developed remote monitoring and fault diagnosis system for power generating equipment has become the only intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project in China's large-scale power generation equipment manufacturing industry, which can realize remote online detection, online judgment, online analysis, on-line diagnosis, while analyzing the life operation condition of the unit, provides technical support from planned maintenance to flexible maintenance.

    Service mode

    HEC has a sound customer system, and implements “24-hour private health physician” and “3S+P” proactive service, coordinating site service team and technical support team to meet customer`s requirement on time and on demand. In order to furnish a better rapid service, the first service center was established in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province; HEC is planning to establish regional service centers in northwest China and Fujian province.

    • Remote diagnostic system monitoring operating conditions of the units in the power station

    • Young professionals from Ecuador Ministry of Electric Power attend technical training in HEC

    • Technical meeting with the customer of Kariba project

    • Site service of technical staff

    At present, HEC has successively executed a number of electromechanical EPC projects in overseas hydropower fields and domestic pumped storage market, and is committed to the upgrading and rehabilitation of existing units, developing customized retrofit solutions for clients, and has certain influence in the industry.